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5. It is a very common and popular herb. If you live in Lagos or other Yoruba States, you can ask Yorubas for Amunututu, it is Malabar Spinach so is in the family of spinach but not the common spinach used in everyday cooking outside Nigeria. Gud morning Flo, as a matter of fact, i have histamine intolerance to a great extent more so when eating our ugu and local green. Among its many names are: quail-grass, Lagos spinach and sokoyokoto in southwestern Nigeria, perhaps to reflect its royal status among the Yoruba who use it as the chief ingredient in their popular efo riro dish. Waterleaf is called Gbure in Yoruba, Ebe-dondon in Edo, and in English is nicknamed Philippine spinach, sweetheart, flame flower, Florida spinach etc. M/while, I believe dat our broad leafed creeping water- leaf known by d Ibo as “mgbolodi oyibo” with purple berries is our own species of spinnach. Ugu is miles ahead in taste. Spinach contains vitamin K which improves the retention of calcium in the bone matrix, thereby leading to bone mineralization. Those who live outside Nigeria use spinach as alternative in recipes where we normally use Ugu or Green Amaranth because Spinach is the closest vegetable to these two. Aunty flo,my question is that what leaf can I use to substitute for spinach. Typically, spinach can be eaten raw as part of salad or can be cooked when preparing traditional soups. I say it has a strong taste at the same time because I find that I need more seasoning when cooking with spinach than when cooking with Ugu. I plan to plant another batch next month. The higher classification of our scent leaves is BASIL. For that period in my life, spinach served me well. The leafy one sure gets mushy easily Dayo. In Yoruba, Spinach is called Efo tete. Please note that if you have undiluted Nigerian taste buds; you have been eating ugu and “green” all your life, chances are that you will not like spinach the first time you try it. Spinach is smooth to touch. Nutrition. African spinach (green) is Efo Tete not just Efo.Efo is the general yoruba name for all leaft veg. it’s non-intrusive and safe. The Yorubas call it Ewe minti. I don’t recommend using leafy spinach when trying to replicate Edikang Ikong Soup because the soup will be watery and you will need packets and packets of leafy spinach to make a considerable quantity of soup. See more ideas about Leafy vegetables, Vegetables, Nigerian food. It is called Gbure in Yoruba; Mgbolodi in Igbo, in Edo, it is regarded as Ebe-dondon and generally referred to as waterleaf.. It also felt slimy to me the first time I tried it. Well, we have a lot of leafy vegetables in Nigeria. You can also ask a store assistant for help. Mint leaf (Ewe minti) The leaves of Mint are tender can be used in several ways. it’s the major ingredient in the preparation of the famous Oha/ Ora soup. This probably explains why doctors and nutritionists recommend spinach as a part of a healthy diet. Free subscription Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria. We allow ours to grow taller and add stakes while theirs, the seedlings were transplant which made them short. Don’t worry, when you see green again, you will notice that it is sooo different from spinach. I tried freezing because, of all the leafy vegetables used in Nigeria, waterleaf is the most difficult to preserve. Show them this video of the frozen ground spinach so they know exactly what you are looking for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaGkrK8QBz0. Hopefully with these, I have been able to answer your questions about this vegetable called spinach. Efo igbo, efo tete efo yanrin, ego shoko etc. Thanks so much for this! One of the most significant findings has been the discovery that our brain doesn’t stop growing when our body does; that is, that it has the ability to adapt and change right up to the end of our life. Onyi no, this is not mgbolodi. Try this and share with us how it went. They are known as mchicha in Tanzania, mowa in Zimbabwe, umfino in South Africa, bonongwe in Zambia and Malawi, efo tete in Nigeria… Its popularity in Nigeria is quite obvious as many Nigerians opt for it for their breakfast. In this post, we'll highlight some of the benefits of Spinach.There are different types of Spinach and the one found in Nigeria is called the African spinach. Amunututu known as Malabar Spinach is in the spinach family but not the same as this one. In my part of Igboland, we have just one Mgbolodi and it is water leaf. These may be referred to as "African spinach" in some countries. They do not have the same texture nor taste. Also known as Tree Spinach, it is called ‘Efo Iyana-Ipaja’ by the Yorubas and ‘Ugu Oyibo’ by the Igbos. Waterleaf is an annual herbaceous plant of West Africa that is seen in most of the states in Nigeria mainly in the south. I always thought spinach was Efo,{green} o. Hmm, are all the cooking leaves not green sef? Mint Leaf (Ewe Minti) Spinach (Efo Tete) Parsley (Effirin) Cayenne Pepper (Ata Gun Gun) Cinnamon (Oloorun) Turmeric (Atale Pupa) Basil (Basil) Bay Leaf (Bay Bunkum) Marjoram (Efo Ewuro) Celery (Seleri) Mint Leaf (Ewe Minti) Mint leaf is known as Ewe Minti in Yoruba. The leaf extract has been discovered to inhibit the growth of human prostate cancer cell. Tropical almonds are popularly called "fruit" in Nigeria, West Africa; it contains certain minerals which are very important to human health because they serve as cofactors for many metabolic processes in the body. Well guys google ‘Malabar Spinach’. Good luck! The book states that if you were a member of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, you would make this dish with melon seed and call it Efo Egusi. ahaha. The bitter leaf is a very important vegetable in Nigeria and it can be purchased in markets. hi m olive n i’d luv to kno if I can replace spinach with ogu or bitterleaf in a burn fat recipe I wan to make. Water Leaf is a very popular medicinal plant in Nigeria which seems to go all year round but mostly in the raining season. ND you never stay for Yankee for that long you don forget wetin “green” look like? Any of numerous plants, or their leaves, which are used for greens in the same way Spinacia oleraceae is. Please enlighten me. We might not have some of the white people’s vegetables but we have other vegetables that has same nutritional values. Are also basil. They are climbers with berries. Thanks for this. Basil leaves is called “scent leaf” in our Nigerian markets. art Photo / Getty Images. I see that Amunu tutu crawls like Ugu so it can’t be spinach. Reply Delete. But I keep receiving requests to “review” its taste in Nigerian meals, so one of these days, I will use it to prepare a small quantity of soup to see what it tastes like. Yorubas call it Amunu tutu due to its crisp greeny leaf. It is a slippery vegetable soup loaded with chunks of multifarious meats – smoked and fresh meat, any that you can lay your hands on. These gives me PEACE of mind ! I plan to take mint leaves seeds with me next time I travel home. Please how do i locate(where to buy) and differentiate an ARUGULA and ICEBERG Lettuce from the different veggies in the market? By God's grace I shall send you pictures of baby spinach then. For me, basil smells more like another scented vegetable that we call curry leaf in Nigeria. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I discovered that the Lemon Basil is what we call the ‘curry leaf’. I disagree with information given about Spinach. In the summer I can get green amaranth at Chinese groceries here (Seattle), and occasionally pumpkin or gourd leaves (but not ugu/fluted pumpkin itself), but the rest of the year maybe I can get chard (which does pretty well, especially in egusi soup), or it’s soggy-melting spinach. Flo, by SmokinHotBabe(f): 4:20pm On Oct 09, 2015 Been looking for it too as substitute for spinach.havent seen it anywhere Re: What Is KALE Leaf Called In Nigeria Local Market And Dialect? Stella I’m not sure because I have not looked for it during my stays in the USA. In the south, it is known as Akara while in the North it is called Kosai. It’s good in some veggie garnish like this one: https://youtu.be/kOrnyLrsztA but definitely not the best for Nigerian soups. I assumed it was Green and bought it. It is an excellent immune booster to those who often feel weak and tired, and those prone to frequent attacks of malaria. Chaya popularly called ‘Hospital Too far’ and ‘Miracle Leaf’ is a leafy vegetable that originates from Mexico but is commonly found in the southeastern part of Nigeria. And you are right the spinach really need a lot more seasoned . Imagine the planet of possibilities and opportunities which will be opened to you. I hope I will someday. It is called AMUNU TUTU in yoruba.most Nigeria do not know this green because most of us has lost touch with what we have by stretching our neck to look at other countries green pasture particularly the yorubas. So considering the nutritional benefits of kale and spinach, ugu and a hosts of our local greens cannot in anyway be compared to spinach, broccoli and kale. Also, COQ-10 has been linked with the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases like hyperlipidemia, heart failure, hypertension and coronary heart disease. Thanks. The one we buy here never crawls even in full maturity. sam! Tropical almonds are popularly called "fruit" in Nigeria, West Africa; it contains certain minerals which are very important to human health because they serve as cofactors for many metabolic processes in the body. Akara/Kosai. Green vegetables like water leaves or pumpkin leaves are used in preparing the stew, spinach, can also be added to the ingredients. Spinach contains COQ-10 which is an enzyme that strengthens the muscles especially the heart muscles while continually pumping blood to different parts of the body. 4 Likes Re: Yoruba Name For Spinach? Spinach, like other green leafy vegetables is rich in iron, a great source of Vitamins A, C, K etc and dietary fibre. Mostly fried rice, jellof rice, rice and stew etc. They’re quite enlightening! For today’s dish I used the English spinach which is called Efo amunututu and added Uziza to bring that special minty flavor to this Seafood Eforiro. In Nigeria it is traditionally called 'soko yokoto', which means "make husbands fat and happy". What you see there is only baby spinach (its even written there). Like the curry leaves, Lemon basil also produces white flowers. When I first set foot outside Nigeria, it took me at least a year to dry my tears and face the fact that as long as I continue to live far away from all fresh Ugu, spinach it is! Spinach grows like lettuce as you can see in those photos I posted. This worked perfectly for me. Green vegetables like water leaves or pumpkin leaves are used in preparing the stew, spinach, can also be added to the ingredients. Nina whenever I see kale, all I can think of is lettuce lol and the thought of adding “lettuce” to my Nigeria soup is not something that I’m in a hurry to try. So when eating spinach, i float with abundant peace in my system. My first time outside Nigeria was soo funny,my husband and l stayed with his sister and knowing how l much l love veggie,she makes spinach every day for me and l bought two cartoon home. It is also called African basil (ocimum gratissimum) The potassium content of spinach is very beneficial in managing blood pressure as potassium is linked with lower blood pressure level. That is why I stick with frozen spinach. African Spinach African spinach is botanically called Amaranthus hybridus. Details. Good day, I am an ugu farmer from Owerri Imo state of Nigeria and never heard of dried ugu before. The Spinach plant has several species around the world but the one common in Nigeria is called the African Spinach. The Yoruba name for spinach is Efo Amunututu. Spinach also treats macular degeneration which can lead to blindness. It is slightly tougher than “green” but softer than Ugu. From the pictures spinach looks like ‘ilaari or amunututu’ as we call it in Akure, Ondo state, Yeah, you’re right. Bitter leaf also reduces the sugar level of the body drastically and repairs the pancreas and kidneys which makes it great for diabetic patients. The leaves have antioxidant and antiinflammatory components which can help in relieving seasonal allergies. The leaves are used for food and to make medicine. Mint is a popular herb that can be used fresh or dried in many dishes and infusions. It took me a while for my 9ja bud taste to change fa! The antioxidants contained in spinach can also help protect and positive impact vision whole preventing eye conditions like glaucoma and cataracts.

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