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My red and white huskys name is diamond for her beautiful blues eyes and we just had a liter and m y girl Leah and the boy is shadow until the family we fab him to comes gets him love ur huskies!!! Romeo who loved everyone and slathered you with kisses. Maybe Maya or Miska? I have a seberian husky female white with gray with ocean blue eyes. I’m having A very hard time picking a name for my husky. Shadow Renegade, the thief who steals all the toys and treats he can get away with. 60. You can use their name to tell your friends and family all about your dog’s history. I had a brown and cream colored one named Shadow after his dad. We lost our wonderful Makana (gift in Hawaiian, where he was born) last September. Bright blue eyes a beautiful little girl. I have a two yr old male siberian alaskan husky I named Juneau cuz its the capitol of Alaska He’s a silver/black/white gorgeous boy with one blue eye and one half blue/half brown. I still cry, I miss her so much. Within a short period of time at the vets she passed away. These Huskies can be great inspiration for naming your own pup, as each name contains a story. We have compiled a list of female Husky names that we believe reflects the mixture of cuteness and prowess commanded by these puppies, as some sound cute, but have powerful meaning behind them. Aww, I’m so sorry. Leaning towards the name “Echoblue” Blue-moon ( Dames family name) piercing blue eyes black back white body gray/black mask w/ a dash (-) on the tip of his nose. Togo; A simple name that is easy to pronounce and say. My Pet’s Name is dedicated to finding the perfect name for your pet – dogs, cats, horses, chickens, lizards and more, we’ve got the perfect names. I love Siberian Huskies!!! If you have Siberian husky or Alaskan malamute breed dog, then you will surely love these Alaskan male and female dog names. Adding an ‘ie’ or a ‘y’ to the end of female Husky names always makes them ten-times more adorable. He had a pericardial edema and there was nothing we could. I have a white husky I just received.. I’m looking for names. A List of the Most Popular Eskimo Husky Names and their Meanings. I’m writing an English Although we will only list a few below. He was only 6. We are naming our black female husky “Shadow.”, My husky has two names his ped name Artic Bandit of Tamar his every day name is Skimo , he loves the snow, A couple names are: Next week we are getting another female Siberian and we are looking for a name for her. Here are 20 unique names for a female husky. Raelyn I’m hoping to get a male soon to keep storm company possibly to have a litter of babies before she gets done his name will be blaze or chase and then we will keep a female pup if they have a female and she will be named Skye, I also love the names So very sad for you. You'll be using it often - during dog training, when calling them to you, when at home or at play, etc. In this article, DogAppy picks out some of the most popular names that go with their lovely personality, for you to choose from. We will be bringing home a male Husky in April. It may be renting to show off our new pups. Your email address will not be published. I have a 5 month old Red Husky, that now has light red and apricot colors on her head and neck, white face, chest and belly, and tan back and tail. Long story short. One of these names may well be the perfect name for your Siberian Husky puppy or dog. Ayla We got a black and white with face markings. It is always great fun to research the meanings behind words, as these meanings can suit some dogs more than others, depending on their personality, markings, colors and size. Get access to the huge list of 865+ husky dog names for your Siberian husky dog. Both blk/wht. 61. If you are still struggling make sure you ask friends and family for help, as you never know who might have some great ideas to aid you in finding that special one. feel free to … She was 13 and she got arthritis in her hips and then her back. Sketch. We had named her Calypso Czarina Ice and called her Caly for short. He was such a cool dog. Now I have a black husky named Storm, a red husky named Fallon, and a grey husky named Tikani. I have a female husky I got for my husbands christmas present she turned 4 October 20th her name is poughkempsie, he named her and we mostly call her Kemp but If she’s in trouble its poughkempsie and she knows Haha she so loving and sweet black white with the almost white eyes. We had three Huskies over the years. Onto another little now and keeping a girl but stuck on names but I like laytisha . The father, Molokai is red and white and is papered. Just got a Siberian Husky male today 3 months. Kyo These loyal and loving canines make brilliant pets, and deserve beautiful female Husky names to enhance their stunning fur. Solid black and white blue eyes. One dark grey blue and one light blue. These characteristics are not surprising when you consider their origins – they’ve been part of close-knit families for centuries. I had a brown husky named Elijah, he lived to be 15, he was a great dog and I miss him so much. Togo (he’s a famous sled dog) Our options are endless: Happy dog names - male and female. Siberian husky training can be intensive, I would recommend a better bread for your health, they are amazing when you’re good and pure devil when they’re not. ? We purchased a gorgeous silver and white with black mask female Siberian Husky last night. Yumi: Bow&Arrow or Beautiful Shhhhh we dont want the dog to learn. Best breed ever if you enjoy outdoor activities like we do. We have a list of 86 names. Siberian Huskies were bred as working dogs. I like CUDA – after my husband’s car, which is a Barracuda But whilst it was running, a cover was created to distract the Danish. I was at the pet store and I saw this gorgeous white Siberian Husky with blue eyes. Below are a few potential female Husky names with their meanings in brackets! Narla was black and white with ice blue eyes She was gray and white with one brown eye and one blue eye. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. But choosing the perfect Husky name is tough! I have 2 females one white n beige 1icey blue eye the other is greenish brown she’s Leila . Our Husky who was named Sasha , recently passed away at 13years. The following names are recommended for female Siberian Huskies: Glace or Glacier – relates to the land in Alaska; Juneau or Juno – The capital city and port of the state of Alaska. Heeelp.?! xxx, Just picked our 8 week old husky last night. It’s spelled Cyka I’m pretty sure. Female Dog Names. I just love that name! My dogs name past away last year and her name was eclipse… she had a brown and a blue eye! Any good dog names? Once again, these are more exotic than the standard dog name you’ll hear down the local park! For the husky with two different eyes a really good name would be ‘Gemini’. These exotic Alaskan names for a husky dog are best of any gender. You're bound to find the perfect name for your new black dog: We have 100 to choose from. Female Huskies are no different than their male counterparts and make majestic and wonderful pets. I named my Male husky VERSACE ! It’s very often Parvo and sadly takes these babies die quickly and few recover despite treatment. Names associated with nature are always cute, therefore go outside and see if you are inspired by anything. Perhaps a name inspired by their appearance? Mukluk was also famously made into a TY Beanie Baby collectible toy. Browse Thousands of Female Alaskan Husky Names Home » Dog Names » . He is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, holds two degrees and has studied Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare. He was beautiful and had blue eyes!!! One that reflects their friendly nature and those expressive eyes. No stress! Thanks! Sake/Saka Also browse the comments below for some great names that our readers have come up with. We have always owned huskies the last one we had was Ace he had a heart on his head so he was the ace of hearts. In 1963 a Husky called Charlie pulled a 3 142 lb sledge. Also an awesome breed , I have a Husky girl we named her Gracie it Grace for short and she’s super energetic and fun and I really like the meaning of this name. Ours passed away at the age of 13 also. Males Husky Names. Our very first dog was an American Eskimo who looked like a little polar bear as a puppy and we named him OSO which means bear in Spanish. Huskies have many beautiful qualities which make them extremely desirable pets! Thinking a name for a dog is complicated but in case of husky dogs, their characteristics can be a great source of inspiration for selecting a name for them. 64. This Husky led an expedition in the 1920s. The other is black, white and beige she has greenish brown eyes she’s Dakota. I’m making a story about a person that works at a pound, with 34 huskies and I could only thing of three names, Willow, Lusa, and Sheba, all Huskies I have now. If we had a male Husky we would name him Nitro. Jacob Black– A werewolf in The Twilight Saga film series and Alpha of the Black Pack. Click the links below if you want to jump straight to one of them! Here are our favorite Husky names for 2019: Here are some classic Eskimo or Inuit Husky names! To get her up I had to help her. HE’S SPOILD, AND KNOWS HE VERY HANDSOME ! Awesome boy. Hope you will like the list for sure. Like his calm, obedience, his gentle ways with my siamese kittens, and his personal habits like holding hands, and having very serious conversations. The Chuckchi were extremely dependent on Husky help, pulling sleds in the snow and ice. We were looking at names like Saphira, Nakita (or Nikita), Denali, ect. Or keep reading for a taste of everything. Dog Names – Great Ideas For Naming Your Puppy, Dog Temperament – Choosing A Friendly Puppy. By now you probably have a whole long list of possible names. I do hope your sorrow passes quickly. We’ve published articles, tools and even quizzes to help pet parent find that perfect name. He is 4 months and not as bouncy as they other one that’s left to take. I’ve had 4 Sibes and 3 I named. one of the best female Husky names which is after the beautiful and snowy season, largely associated with these sled dogs. ❤️ But huskies are very feisty, hyperactive, & require dog aggression training experience. How about a cute Husky name? a cute-sounding Hebrew word that actually means ‘rebellious one’. My daughter has a Siberian husky named chaos and it fits him perfectly hes just about 2 yr old and high strung, I have one named thore and one named Zeus at my grandmother’s house, You forgot Phantom and AWOL and Radar, how about chinook, Sam, preacher,Bacci(kiss in Italian), Demon,.pirate, JoJo for a girl, skid, Happy, Bark, Chase, Valor,victory,Vail, Ozark, Beast,Judge,Cobra,Python,Killer,Ringo, Rambo, Toke,Crash, Crew,Gus, Hero, Tequila,.quantum, Hunter, “kiss” in Italian is “bacio”, “kisses” is “baci”. Shasta He’s a male. We believe female Husky names should reflect their outer and inner beauty, so we have made a list of 120 beautiful monikers, which we think will enhance the mesmerising qualities of your canine. Perhaps you’ll like something based on the color of your new Husky pup. But that won’t bring my Destiny back to me . So we’ll use them as a final example. I could go on but here are a few. Female Huskies are renowned for their beauty and prowess, making them some of the most stunning and desirable pets! Contessa Diesel Remember, be creative, look around you, and you’ll find the perfect name that’s just right for your dog. I like giving names in other languages. For example, ‘Alexia’ sounds and looks adorable, but its meaning is ‘defender of man’, therefore it is perfect for a cute girl puppy who packs a punch and is strong enough to protect and defend you! Here are some names that may fit this huge range of tones! I’ve been considering getting another Husky. To date we’ve published more than 30,000 pet names suitable for just about every pet going. Waiting on wisdom panel DNA test to come back on Mila pronounced Mee-la, to make sure she is 100% as we bought her from a litter (were second owner of her) where the parents are not papered. Not a climate for Huskies. I am currently gathering names for my soon to get home female baby husky. Still miss him every day. LOBO- wolf in Spanish Gypsy: A wanderer at heart, for the independent pooch with a mind of its own. Guys, these are the best names for male and female black dogs.When it comes to finding a unique black dog names, then there are many approaches and inspiration coming from cute dog names, cool dog names, and many more.. You need to check out above these black dog names from our A to Z of dog names.We hope that you like the collection of best small black dog names. I am getting my first husky Sunday. He was given an award naming him the strongest dog alive. It is so hard to have a puppy and we made sure our new child looks nothing like Makana. Also don’t take them into public places or let others handle them until they’ve had shots. Miyu: Beautiful I don’t own a husky but have a old husky character, a brown female named Kapik (Coffee in Inuit) which I find really cute. I don’t know why but for some reason I like the name Ever which just might be my next husky’s name. I can’t wait so much. Try finding your favorites and add these prefixes to see if it works! We were devastated by his loss… we notice many things about Juneau that are similar to Judah. Arctic I have an all white husky and her name is Meeko! With the sheer volume of dog names available today, it is a tad tough for pet owners to choose a name for their pet. I Think Silver And Shadow Are Great Names For Huskies! one year old agouti femal husky named Keeko. We have a female husky. This makes them stand out from all the other dogs in the park! As the breed name suggests, Siberian Huskies originated from Siberia. Normal word. (Full given name Ezekiel Storm), So sad hope he reterns if he does it will be a miracle, I’m looking for a male name for an husky puppy I’ve got a few I like malakai gaston miska Roscoe but not sure on them yet I will wait till I see him first then chose I no is mum is pure white husky n dad is white n gray. Arehdel Remember, some of the best and most beautiful names are found in the world around you, so keep your eyes open! This was a secret project to build a network of mobile nuclear launch sites under Greenland during the Cold War without the knowledge of the Danish. Whether you’re looking for Alaskan sled dog names or popular Russian dog names, we have it on this list. Search best dog names for your female Siberian Husky. Previous ; Female, blue eyed, pure white coat – Kianna (a small city in Alaska)(rescued – born into rescue – mom was rescued from a puppy mill) Plus, they’re a conversation starter! Unfortunately we had to put her down three yrs. Haru:spring She would be a lot easier to name if she was a boy :P Anyways, thanks for help in advanced! Both a first for us so we are truly stuck on trying to find a good name for her . My husky is named Touche ‘….she always gets the last word in! 62. After my husky died in April, my friend and me have wanted one. Names for big dogs. Short names are often best, they are easy to say and your dog can understand a brief, clear order. Freckles: You know there under that fur somewhere. Here are a few examples: Siberian Husky Names Blizzard His name is already BANDIT , but we were also thinking of naming him DIABLO, which means devil in Spanish. Your email address will not be published. This really helped. Died @ 16 ?. I hope we get her! She was the rung of the litter and is so chill. HE LOOKS LIKE A DESIGNER DOG, HE’S A CELEBRITY. Names for Female Siberian Huskies with meanings. She was white gray back w/ Black tips gray mask.A Real Sweetheart. Lusa: a all black husky with brilliant green eyes. Dieanio (italian) All the names are places in Alaska. She passed in October one week before her 8th birthday. This was the construction of a camp to test construction techniques in Arctic conditions. Keep reading to choose from 400 awesome ideas! Siberian Huskies were originally working dogs. Its a website that has male and female dog names. BLIZZARD OR MARSHMALLOW, Qtip. But has one stood out yet as “the one”? Our male is Dawson our female is Dakota. Getting back to the Siberian Husky’s origins you might like some of these typical Russian names. Dog names that mean loyal. I was looking toward gizmo or Oakley. Yuka: Gentle Flower (2015) History of huskies and their origin. Choose your name thoughtfully. “Suka” is female dog in Russian. We believe he’s reincarnated from our previous dog/son named Judah… he died at age 10, 10wks before Juneau was born, the gestation period of dogs. Here are some names that might suit the colour of your red Husky. These take your Husky right back to its roots. I had a border Collie Nanook. I bought her and I have no idea what to name her. Yes!! Aurora It was fate – we had to adopt him!) Their names were Juneau (the girl) and Kiska (the boy) They both lived to be over 16 years old. You probably already have a name, but my white male husky is named Sabbath. My former’s name was Yuuna. And they do come in a whole range of different colors – from a simple black or white to copper or agouti. You can have a look at maps of Siberia and Alaska. Black Lab names are a great way to show off just how beautiful your Labrador Retriever’s coat is. If you get a another husky you should either name it April or Shadow. He lived 16 years he passed away with our family by his side. I had a black & white Siberian with beautiful blue eyes. My husband and I had a similar experience with our Red and White Husky named Scout. They are my life!! Aug 19, 2018 - Explore Husky Lovers's board "Black Husky", followed by 1778 people on Pinterest. Because of their uniqueness and individuality, we believe the best names for female Huskies are the most unique and special. Nola Check the complete list of female husky dog names and male husky dog names. That concludes our list of female Husky names. Love them both. So happy to hear your story, I miss my husky so much I lost her 4 years ago her name was Inga ❤️. Mukluk is a famous Husky mascot who was part of Project Iceworm in 1960. I am so sorry for your loss. I’m making her Venus(the goddess of beauty and love) but I need a middle name someone please help me. a short and sweet English word meaning ‘well-watered meadow’. “Ev’ryting gonnabe Irie”, Too beautiful and perfectly fitting and this is coming for a Yaadie (Jamaican)! Female Names Rayzr My boy is called Jake *twilight was all the rage and my daughter named him) he is 5 years old. We have two Red Siberian’s their names are Keeonah and Cassiopeia. We are currently looking at another female Husky, they named her Maya! The mix-bred huskies are not always recognized by clubs. Names of some husky mix puppies are: Summer: This was the name of the direwolf owned by Bran Stark in the Game of Thrones. This project was discarded eventually due to unstable conditions within the ice sheet. i like Bandit Athena Buck BO Baxter Buster Dexter Jaxen Teddy Max Maximus Tucker Milo Bentley Duke these are some of my favorite names you mite like some to though. Oberyn Key’ush and Sherpa are two names for boy huskies. Here are a few of celebrity husky names for additional inspiration: Floyd – Miley Cyrus; Alley – Ben Stiller; Aurora – Ashlan Gorse; Sky – Jared Leto; Bowie – Rita Ora Willow: A light brown and white husky with icy blue eyes. It is not difficult to think up great options for a girl white husky, just think of everything you own or have seen that is white, and the chances are, it would make a fantastic choice! Black And White Husky Female Names of Beckett Keery Read about Black And White Husky Female Names storiesor see Joey G [2020] and on 4000k Led Alasvalo. Her name was Nikita. Genesis: Meaning beginning or origin, good for a rescue that’s starting a new life with you. Our niece also has two female huskies, one named Ezme (from Twilight) She was a red & white husky. She was pied eyed with one blue eye & one half blue and half brown eye. We really hope you have enjoyed exploring them, learning some new words and finding the perfect choice to suit everything about your new Husky! Female and because she came from south, she has a 1st and middle name: Eska-Mo, Kalev (means dog/loyal in Hebrew) he is red with crystal blue eyes…Timber I think is super cute. Healthiest Dog Breeds: Which Dog Is Right For You? My males name is Nuka and my female is Nakita. You can even name your Husky after someone that is well known for the same energy and life that you can expect from your pet. There is no denying it, female Husky puppies are some of the most adorable pets on Earth. Top 100 Black Lab Names Then, move onto wolf-inspired and finish off with winter-centric ideas. Her name is Versillia, silly for short. Male: Koda I have two huskies right now. Cute female Husky names. 100 Names for Your Black Pup — Inspired by Pop Culture, Food & More – SheKnows The darker one was named Gypsy. This is day 1 in his new home. Let us know what name you eventually chose for your Husky. Onya A name that sounds like stay (Clay) or down (Hound) can be confusing. A comprehensive list of Female Alaskan Husky names is composed in an easy manner to facilitate dog lovers Get inspired and browse through our list of unique and cute black and white dog names for male and female dogs. If you are in the market for ideas for German Shepherd female puppy names, then start by looking at the female puppy names listed below.If you need a male German Shepherds name or you are looking for a unisex dog name you can find some suggestions on those pages. They are a year and 5 months old. Just decided on Irie for a name. I know ur pain too well, I miss my SiberianHusky more than words could ever say. Despite their small size, Husky puppies differ from other puppies, as they are strong and powerful. They therefore deserve an equally powerful namesake to match! It’s so easy for people to unknowingly carry in diseases. We are about to foster another girl called Anna and she is 1 year old. They both passed away at 15 years old. Huskies are known for their intelligent, playful and sociable nature, and female Huskies are no exception. Words that describe color provide a multitude of ideas that could be a perfect fit for your new family member. Perhaps you want to take inspiration from some Huskies with famous owners? We recently lost our 12 year old Husky, her name was Mitsu. These stunning pets have been popular for decades, due to their beautiful thick fur, gorgeous multi-colored eyes, and perfect personalities. At What Age Is A Dog Considered An Adult? Loved that name. I think Gizmo would suit a Husky very well , I love the name oakley Suits him as he definitely makes a lot of crash bang wallops when he is in a playful mood! Fritz: This is just a cute name for a dog. First one we ever had we named Ruckus….self explanatory to anyone who has had a husky. However we now live in southern coastal Mexico. Parka One of the most striking things about the Siberian Husky is their beautiful white fur.

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