louisiana wetlands facts

However, in the lifetime of a child born today, approximately 800,000 acres of Louisiana wetlands will be lost, moving the coastline inland by 33 miles in some areas. Louisiana's wetlands extend approximately 300 km along the coast (Williams, 1995), which is divided into two regions: the Chenier Plain and the Mississippi River Deltaic Plain (Figure 7). Louisiana State Wetland Program Summary . Saving Our Wetlands Cypress Tree Restoration Program. Since the early 1930s, it is estimated that Louisiana has lost almost 5,000 square kilometers of wetlands. The wetlands are turning into water. Synthesis and comparisons of these data sets enhance our knowledge of how wetlands function and the critical processes responsible for change. The swamps, marshes and bayous that extend 30 … The wetlands of Louisiana are water-saturated coastal and swamp regions of southern Louisiana. Today, there are more than 2,000 wetlands, covering 476,000 acres, designated as Wetlands of International Importance. 2. In 1988, USGS scientists began a study of wetland processes in cooperation with the U.S. It was accepted Thursday by U.S. District Judge Randolph D. Moss, according to online court records. Louisiana's wetlands today represent about 40 percent of the wetlands of the continental United States, but about 80 percent of the losses. Its home is rapidly wasting away, and the federal government is doing nothing to stop this. Since 2000, 1,000,000 acres of wetland have been lost. VOW was started by musician Tab Benoit who was born and raised in Houma, LA – one of the communities born of the wetlands. Flora in flooded swamps and marshes are unable to do so. 1. History of Wetland Loss. 12 Amazing Wildlife Species That Call Louisiana Home. 36. Because of these activities, 22 states have lost 50% or more of their original wetlands. Migratory waterfowl and songbirds often make stopovers or actually spend the winter in these wetlands. Cypress trees play a vital role in the wetlands. USGS has undertaken joint field investigations with Federal, State, and university partners to gather and interpret baseline information for improving scientific understanding of the critical processes responsible for creation, maintenance, and deterioration of coastal wetlands. 1. The most common palustrine wetlands are Rare Animals in the Everglades in Florida, Privacy Notice/Your California Privacy Rights. Section A. Subsidence and Sea-Level Rise in Southeastern Louisiana: Implications for Coastal Management and Restoration USGS Coastal & Marine Geology Program, Subsidence and Fault Activation Related to Fluid Energy Production, Gulf Coast Basin Project USGS Coastal & Marine Geology Program, Geologic Framework and Processes of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin USGS Coastal & Marine Geology Program, Subsurface Controls on Historical Subsidence Rates and Associated Wetland Loss in Southcentral Louisiana Originally published in Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions, Primary Causes of Wetland Loss at Madison Bay, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana - USGS Open File Report 03-060 USGS Coastal & Marine Geology Program, Environmental Atlas of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin - USGS Open File Report 02-206 USGS Coastal & Marine Geology Program, U.S. One of the birds that call wetlands home is the bald eagle. Here at Stan’s Airboat and Marsh Excavator Service, we’re proud to say we know our way around the bayou. Louisiana’s wetlands hold a special place in our hearts. The wetland isabout 160 … But today, because of canals and levees that constrict and confine the path of the river, the sediment cannot reach the delta to replenish the eroding wetlands. The influence of early French and Spanish settlers is still present in the culture and food of the state. [. Louisiana loses 75 square kilometers annually. While Louisiana has 40% of the country’s wetlands, over 90% of the total coastal marsh loss in the continental U.S.’s occurs in the state. A bayou, like this one in Louisiana, serves as a home for many species, ranging from bald cypress trees to a host of wetland-dependent animals, including …

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