converting to islam for marriage in singapore

Events. The readers , especially muslims, should introspect on this. Married or not married and what would happen if you have kids. We are malaysian and want to marry in the future. The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 does not allow a man to take a second wife so Mohan converted to Islam. How to get the certificate of marriage? 1 No. We agree to your parents not to fake-convert just for marriage. We assume you are from Malaysia, you are Christian and your bf Muslim, is that true? and my boyfriend is a Bangladeshi Muslim guy. Share: Edited By: Namrata Agarwal. pls guide me here….give me the best solution. Any couple can have its wedding function (Without letting her parents know) -ok -Generally civil wedding respect two adults wishes and may have some notification rule. I dont mind to get it one in other countries as long as not in Msia. … and what would be Mother’s faith and name? Please suggest. 32 Onan Road, The Galaxy, Singapore 424484. A non Muslim Malaysian staying in Singapore. From my dad not being able to accept me having a Malay bf to him going for CNY visiting with me for the last 2 CNY celebrations. The images presented on this web site may include screenshots of a copyrighted web pages and other information or be retrieved from other sources. which do not label them as Hindu/Muslim. I would like to know if I’m able to pay for a “fake” conversion cert to show his parents (would you be able to advise onto where I can get it?) 23.10.2020” The news was a shock to many who hadn’t seen his move coming. All We are planning to get married soon in sgp. 1. I am Malaysian Muslim and my bf is European living in Dubai. Reply at Hope this helps! that is Muslim problem. im arab muslim girl , im in love with a catholic boy we are dating for one year now, however he wants to settle down and marry me but hes not sure that he can convert to islam.i dont know how to convince him, he also said he might convert to islam as temporary and later he will convert back to his origin religion after our marriage. yes the so called muslim is so intolerant. I hope this helps clears it better. is it illegal for malaysian people register marriage in other country without report to malaysia government? It is not required to have Muslim witnesses to your conversion, but many prefer to have such support. Please give me another option as this is way beyond my expenses, me and my partner have been together for sometime and just like you humano we have respected each others believe from the beginning…i am an hindu and would like it to be that way! 4. Dear Bella, I am a Malaysian Chinese girl and I am dating an Iranian Shia-Muslim boy. Miss Khan, Can we go and settle down n get married under Spore’s civil law without me having to convert? (iii) A ground for divorce at the instance of the convert. 1. Jazakum Allahu khayran. Converting to Islam to “Legally” Divorce in the Philippines. Why don’t you go ask the Malay government marriage bureau, let us know what you learned. In the pursuit to get justice for her daughters, the grieving father, on March 31, lodged a second complaint. I’ve been dating with my beloved girlfriend since 4th feb 2010, and until today. Since he is a Malaysian muslim and I am a Malaysian hindu,will there be a problem in terms of religion for our children in their birth cert? Kanishen, -HUmano, Did you used a Muslim name for your Nikaah? Appreciate if you could offer some advice and guidance. Reply at, Refer the Matrimonial law of Singapore How do you define 'single' marital status? Reply at Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Book, Media. Both of us planning to get marry without convert.. As far as you converting, he cannot force you but he also shouldn't be the standard you hold for Muslims. You will be cursed and rotten in hell. Are you planning to live outside Msia or in? – Yes! For all these reasons, if you decide to get married by a secular civil … Since we are both Malaysian Citizen,is that possible for us to follow the way u shared above? But since we wanted to be together, we found a way. I can read admin and various others messages. After Nikaah, you have to register your marriage in Malaysia as two Muslims. I told her to calm down. He never want me to convert unwillingly but i don’t mind if our future children grew up to be a muslim and they do have a choice once they are adults. 4 Will I be able to buy a house with him and live in Malaysia together as husband and wife? 2. We are in a relationship for the past 4 years and would like to get marry in Malasyia without conversion. If he were to marry a Jewish woman, he would place her in danger of converting to Islam, and would perhaps add to doubts among Muslims regarding the sincerity of his conversion. This for the following reasons: look at how you guys betrayed him! I just don’t want to hurt my parents and the same goes for her is there anything that we can do.please I really need some guidance.. It was narrated that Anas said: “Abu Talhah married Umm Sulaym, and the dowry between them was Islam. Wed not idolatresses till they believe; for lo! I am john living in singapore Orchard Rd i am Architecture ‘ here i want to talk about my Pakistani Doctor friend he is Good human as persnality he love singapore people many times visit singapore he always saying me singapore is Heaven in earth and my wish to live in Heaven want Marriage with singapore Citizen ‘ i know very well my best friend when i was asking what kind of life partner you want so he was saying i just need sincere Honest Loving Faithful caring loving partner , one day a lady doctor from KKH. Mohsin Khan. ALLAH s.w.t is the most greatest and one and only god. I told him I dont wana convert into Islam if he wana marry me in Malaysia cz I know its a one way journey & no turning back in Malaysia (which is kinda unfair) but theres no guarantee the marriage will last forever (like till death do us apart). I don’t mind migrating anywhere in the future. Could you please advise further on the paid converting certificate from other country. Marriage is one thing and immigration or citizen of that country is a separate issue/topic. Conversion is only compulsory when a non muslim marry a Malaysian muslim. -YES (also in most other secular countries, including in India) Yes, you could get away as married without conversion for a few years, but not long in Malaysia. Hi I would love to know what was the solution as I am in similar situation. What is your religion? seriously need your advise and guidance. The pressure is immense now that my parent wishes that I get married soon, while his parent gave my fiancé the ultimatum – have me convert or leave me. right? We assume you are from Malaysia, is that correct? He doesnt want to convert so we both decided to get married oversea and yes in sgapore. Another thing, how to register the children birth certificate if it doesnt carry any weight in my home country. I’m so sad that i could not keep both person my mom and my beloved girl. Basically, my partner is happy to convert into Islam as long as there’s no legal or official documentations of it since it’ll pose a problem in where we live. First you MUST convert if you wish to marry a Muslim and settle in Malaysia. If the authority finds out, what would be the worst thing that could happen ? Is it fine, if we go through civil marriage but not the MUSLIM MARRIAGE (Singapore)? Here's How . What do you mean by “had marry with one child”, is not it illegal? Topic: Converting to Islam for Marriage. I am an Indian hindu working in Malaysia and my boyfriend is an Indian muslim, we want to marry and respect each other religion and no one wants to convert. Please share with me how I can buy this muslim marriage certificate so I can register our marriage in Malaysia? Thus there is no question about your children, they MUST be Muslims only in Malaysia. Read details here Is she willing to go against her (Muslim) parents? but im wondering how do we raise our children. Go get a life or at least a brain. Hai. Reply at Any comment made on this forum may be reposted on other web sites (like Facebook) and also used for other media (like a book). Further, tell her that your children will be raised in two faiths, take it or leave it. Yes simple way, visit china, covert her to Buddhism, marry her. a believing slave is better than an idolater though he please you. We can help. Understand Hinduism (Santana dharna) is the oldest existing religion on planet, most of South Asian or South East Asians were either Hindus or Buddhism, they were forcibly converted by Arabs. Thanks. I feel lucky to see this post, as I planning to marry with my bf from Iraq (Muslim) in Singapore. So did Bali. 1. We are glad that you did not use your real name on this site. Let us know if you want to know more. If so, how will we come back to malaysia. If he instead sought non-Jewish sexual companionship, he would violate the Jewish prohibition against cohabiting with a non-Jewish woman. You need to express it clearly with conviction, and to internalise the meaning of the Shahadah. Can i bring my children to temple? 10. a believing bondwoman is better than an idolatress though she please you; and give not your daughters in marriage to idolaters till they believe, for lo! Both of us are Malaysian. Is there any problem for me if I re-register in msia ? No way, you cannot settle ever in Malaysia and raise children in two faiths in Malaysia (read more here We provide free literature on Islam to friends of other faith, Muslim organisations, and members of the public. Both dropped their Hindu names and assumed Muslim ones. 2) To get married in the syariah court I’ll to product a conversion card, which of course I do not have. I really need expert opinions. Could you tell us where you got the muslim marriage certificate from overseas? Are you ever planning to settle in Malaysia? Reply at If you find yourself believing in the teachings of Islam, Muslims welcome you to make a formal declaration of faith. We are planning to get married without me converting to Islam. Reply at MY FIANCEE CHINESE MALAYSIAN ,IM SPANISH CITIZEN BUT MOROCCAN NATIONALITY MUSLIM,MY FIANCEE NOW IS PREGNANT,WE ARE GETTING MARRIED I HAVE ISSUE WITH VISA FOR RENEWING EVERY THREE MOUNTHS BY NOW,WHAT ARE OUR CHNCES TO MARY IN SINGAPORE AND APPLY A LONG TERM VISA IN MALAYSIA? This girl could make marriage to her a means of encouraging him to become Muslim, as happened in the case of Umm Sulaym (may Allaah be pleased with her) and her marriage to Abu Talhah (may Allaah be pleased with him). We have been together for almost 3 years now. Husband and wife, Miguelito Lopez and Maria Lourdes, both 37, embraced Islam together at Darul Arqam, Singapore on 21st November, 1999. In the West, Muslims will demand for all kind of fair deals, while in Islamic countries, it is almost impossible for non-Muslims to carry their religious pride. In short, a non-Muslim male must convert to Islam before marriage. We thought of getting our marriage certificate overseas but we are not familiar of the procedure or do we know which country that allows inter-religious marriages. 25 Apr 2017. I have gone for the classes for conversion but am not ready to do so do to some family issues. Reply at As much as you wish, Malaysian government will not let you get around their requirement. We paid money and got the muslim marriage certificate from overseas and registered our marriage in Malaysia. Additionally, the owners of the respective web links do not endorse any of the contents of this web site. Both sides of the family are against marriage as we are of different faith and each side wants us to convert to the other. I really love her but in the meantime would not want to lose my family as well. Note this is just a hypothetical question to understand how your faith is important to you. This means that meeting that special someone and deciding to get married is not uncommon. Do your wife attend a temple in Malaysia when you go? Reply at, Hi Corn, what did you guys decide do, wouldnlove to hear from you, Hi Human O, is that possible for me to marry him without converting himself? We also planning to have a religious muslim wedding in Singapore, preferably in the mosque. I am truly in love with her and want to marry her the right way, yet I cannot let my kids lose what is theirs for their future. First it is hard to believe a Pakistani Muslim is not asking to convert to non-Muslim. Are you planning to settle in India or Malaysia? He don’t want to convert and me itself I don’t follow the religion. In the cited case, Hindu girls had converted to Islam for marriage. He definitely understands that I do not want to convert to Islam. We are glad that you did not use your real name on this site. Read all laws at (go below for Malaysia). My question is if ever i had converted to islam as iam welling to, before our marriage, is my previous catholic marriage will be invalid, since i have change my names from converting into islam. Hi Tina, Please help me. Its illegal in Malaysia, a muslim can not be married to non-muslim. Islam has made kindness, through Zakat, binding upon all those who embrace the faith. Because basically I’m following Indian religion and culture. Now i need a marriage cert because indon doesn’t provide one to prove that we are married. 1 No. Mandy How | July 03, 2018, 07:16 PM . Islam has high regards for woman..extremely high..u should read up…i have lots to say abt other religion too..lots and lots and lots of it…you think we aren’t amused with your religion? Me it self I don’t want my partner to convert since I’m not following that religion. Zakir Naik, Can Allah be the Father God? i have crossed the river uou are trying to and can guide you. could you please give me a better option like is there a country that i can ask for asylum based on religion? 1) I know that in Singapore we can register under the civil marriage, does this mean that there is no need for conversion? i just want to say that we love each other even we are ready to leave our parents but after our marraige can we live freely without any problems from police or if her parents lodge a case on us that all my questions please reply, hi , my name is abinash iam an india and a hindu. An 18th century Chinese brass incense burner with the Islamic shahadah (testimony of faith) engraved. Reply at In Singapore, madrasahs are private schools which are overseen by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore). Give us details and we can help. Can 2 foreigners marry in Singapore? well like mac says: if he loves u then why is he making u stand against your own religion.. well if u really love him them why are u trying to convert him and make him go against his own religion why can’t both of u just believe in love and follow ur own religions and be with each other as husband and wife..for get what religion says.. no one follows religion to the core.. we all do more wont make any difference.. Marry him. Law … from the village head.. what do you think? Dear Anne, There are some benefits that men & women converting to Islam for marriage can get. Is that possible for us to register our marriage in other country like Singapore but we are not the citizen or permanent resident? But then wen it comes to marriage life what should I do. Kolkata: In a shocking incident reported from Kolkata, a father has alleged that his two daughters, including a minor, were forcibly converted to Islam and married off. He does not practice anything that has to do with Islam due to his upbringing and personal beliefs. Hi. we will later on try to agree our parents for us. You can also subscribe without commenting. “3. This is very sad and unfair deal for non-Muslims in Islamic countries but they don’t care. But I cannot guarantee u that ur wife will not be bothered by d religious dept ppl if u reg ur marriage here. – Not at all! Reply at I m Indian an I m loving Pakistan so wether it can possible for me to get Singapore citizenship plz help. Tina, Answer to your questions are source: Lets ask Islam. Give us more details and we can talk, thanks. No two interfaith marriage cases are the same. His family are very open-minded people. You do NOT have to convert to Islam. Ethics and moral has no value, but what it says in Koran counts. Reply at, Hi I am facing same issue with Donna, can you please email me for the guidance thanks. Will your children have Arabic names and raised Muslims? Can we immediately get marry in Singapore? Can a person convert to Islam for the purpose of marriage and he might think of growing into the faith later if he’s convinced? If you marry by Islamic Nikaah, you will have to convert to Islam. We feel it will be an issue on a long run. Are you a Muslim or non-Muslim Malaysian? 1. We can use that cert to register our marriage in msia right? hospital interested and we sit to gether in copitium in KKH , she agree but when she knowing about my friend citizenship he is pakistani so she said sorry , i cant marriage with Pakistani men becuase my parents not allowed and she go back to work , my friend was so dishearted , he saying me why mostly singaporean hating with pakistanis , all pakistani are not terrirrist all pakistanis are not bad ………………… Here, Human may have managed to fool others so far, but a hanging sword is on his head all his life. That’s not required. We are planing to get married but theres no way that my mom would want him to still be a christian, i’m a muslim. So may i know where did you find ur so called sharia laws? My questions are these: Read all these Check with the country where you wish to file for civil wedding. – Not at all! We both are in a relationship for a long time. Despite the multitude of people converting to Islam in his time, it is not recorded at all that the Prophet (pbuh) separated a husband and wife or ordered their separation due to one of them converting, or due to one of them converting before the other. Thanks for the hope in your story Human-O. Husband and Wife convert to Islam. Read Malaysian laws very carefully. Best. On “Does the malaysia embassy required him to convert?”, YES. Can I marry Hindu girl after accepting Islam asked by Binod~Dr Zakir Naik [Urdu /Hindi] - Duration: 7:55. If you have concern with the use of a photo, please contact administrator. Second, conversion to Islam is a one way street, even after your divorce, you cannot convert back to any other faith, never! Do your wife attend a temple in Malaysia when you go? Singapore is easy, you can do it. In eyes of Muslims, you have committed sin. They are both Malaysians. 2. Do you carry a Muslim name in your passport/legal documents or your Hindu original name? Do u declare yr marriage cert in malaysia embassy? Do you have Hindu Gods/deities in your home? Human-O: By disowning your own faith, parents and culture is the biggest SIN you ever did. And he also don’t want to convert.since small I have been live as Indian. How to do it?? Since ur wife is a malaysian chinese buddhist and u r not a malaysian, ur wife doesnt hv to convert. But come on he did not order to form a religion named Islam! Right, bit of a long story here but here goes.. It is said that there is no compulsion in Islam,[11] but here in all practical senses interfaith couples must know that there is compulsion to convert or give up the love after years into relationship. Hello admin, im from msia, both my bf n i. Im muslim n my bf is christian (in his id) but an atheist. Or was it compulsary for me to do the legal separation on my previous marriage before i can get married again to a muslim man. you have shown how intolerant muslim majority countries are and at the same time how tolerant the nonmuslim majority nations are. Accordingly, marriages under the Muslim law are governed under the Administration of Muslim Law Act (“AMLA”) as provided for by section 89 of the AMLA. anyway to do it legally? Any couple can have its wedding function (Without letting her parents know) -ok Do you carry a Muslim name in your passport/legal documents or your Hindu original name? Read more at Can I get marry to him since he is foreigner in Malaysia? I’m a Bruneian, a country with syariah law. Is it possible to get the conversion certifcate? I want to marry a Malay Muslim girl but she ask me to convert a Muslim so I willing to convert to Muslim. Also read: Website Disclaimer: Any links to external Web sites provided on this web site are provided as a courtesy. He proposed marriage … We have sent a request to the Chinese girl, we hope she will come back. My partner might need one since my father insisted my partner to convert although we have tried to explain that forcing someone to convert is not the way to go. Conversion to Islam of one spouse in a non-Muslim marriage. We in relationship for three years. What if Kids born in Singapore with independence of religion as Malaysian Citizen? Both of us working in Singapore. This is not from Islam. It was not an easy road for us and we went through tough times and lot of stress. Hindu-Christian Married Life in America, Christian-Hindu marriages, Hindu-Jew marriages, Jain-Muslim marriages, Sikh-Muslim marriages, Brahmin-Muslim marriages, Hindu-Muslim marriages, Inter-race-Inter-faith marriages, Jew-Muslim marriages, Christian-Muslim marriages, Who is God?, Bollywood and Interfaith Marriages.Return to Home, Blogs, How to Share? They will not register Muslim-non-Muslim marriage. Reply at Anecdotal evidence suggests that the process of converting to Islam is not a lengthy one. Muslim women can not marry non-Muslim men whether they be from the people of the Book or not. Yes. please advise, are these sins as a muslim ? Would you have converted to Islam if you never met this guy? 6. But we just have to get break from each other as we had been fighting alot for the past 12-18months. guide me, a chinese non-muslim with a muslim. Will our child(ren) be recognized as legitimate? Marriage in Islam and Muslim family The affection which Allah has created in the hearts of the two spouses is one of His great signs for the people of understanding. I would say the same for those who convert to Islam for the sake of marriage. Hi I am a Indian. Very true. Such people can look at this aspect of Allah's creation and be reminded of the greatness of Allah's work and power and the magnificent mercy Allah has placed in His creation From 3 Oct 2020 onwards, there will be a limit for solemnizations of up to 100 persons, or up to the safe capacity of the venue, whichever is lower. I really donnoe how to marry him without converting to muslim. Answer: Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. Hi humans,i am an indian.i want a singapore citizen tamil muslim girl or malay or any muslim girls for register marriage in sg to get Singapore Citizenship or PR,and i’ll give money to register marriage so everyone please help me. We paid money and got the muslim marriage certificate from overseas and registered our marriage in Malaysia. Go WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I SAID IM NOT MUSLIM AND MARRY HERE IN MALAYSIA? I have a similar problem as well from what I read from your post. Along with the unlimited benefits of the worldly life and hereafter, there are some quick benefits that men and women converting to Islam for mixed muslim marriage can get. Then you can live in Msia. 3. We believe marriage and registration of marriage is okay for foreigners/tourist. I’m christian by religion and wishes to marry a Muslim man without converting to Islam. However, if some one report to the authority that a Hindu and Muslim are married, that will be an issue with Malay police. Yes, you need to find out truth since it is important for your to know it. If converting to Islam prevents a human from doing haram ( forbidden acts ) especially ‘shirk’ then what’s the problem. I am foreigner. c’mon ure a man , u shd know ur desires..there are reasons why man are allowed to do that..and if the wives does it matter to you? thank u, Reply at im muslim malaysian and fall in love with hindu guy malaysian as well, we already in relationship for 2 years plus, both of us want to married without convert, finally we have decide to registred our marriage in singapore , we are in process on that. We got married in India with proper hindu ritual and function (Without letting her parents know) Because the law doesnt apply to foreigners who are Muslims, meaning your Brit bf’s status as Muslim does not carry weight. they will not ask anything , like proof ?? These invite unto the Fire and Allah inviteth unto the Garden, and unto forgiveness by His grace, and expoundeth His revelations to mankind that haply they may remember. It was narrated that Anas said: “Abu Talhah married Umm Sulaym, and the dowry between them was Islam. Converting of religion only for sake of marriage is not valid: Allahabad High Court . If it is possible, can we come to Malaysia on visits later on? (Koran 221). Were you and your spouse originally a Malaysia citizen? I am Chinese from Malaysia with Singapore PR. here i want to addressing to singapore girls whom want to marriage with pakistani muslim guys so plz trust on them you can check first its your right but all are not bad ………. 3) marriage certificate in Malaysia get from? Do you have any advice on how to get married without me converting? It could potentially spark some outrage beyond the Muslim community, given the young age of the boys who are seen wearing Pei Tong Primary School uniforms. Thanks ks. He proposed marriage … How to do it?? My bf (muslim) and I (Christian) plan to go thru with civil marriage. How about children, can they follow two faiths? can i teach them about buddhism? Do get back with more questions. Let ur kids to learn about both religion so they can enjoy what ‘freedom of religion’ truly means. If you are talking about residency and citizenship, that will be an issue for the host country. Under Indonesian Law No.1 of 1974 concerning marriage (the ‘Marriage Law’), both parties must hold the same religion, if not, one party must convert to the other religion. I am a catholic who is interested in marrying a muslim girl. How do u expect her family which is non Muslim to visit her grave in a Muslim cemetary looking at how the public would react? -Human, Humano says: January 29, 2014 at 8:59 pm As expected, my parents totally rejected the idea of me converting to Islam. The Qur’an states different rules that would have to be followed when it comes to marriage in Islam and Muslims are also bent on following the said rules. Is it possible for 2 expats from muslim and non muslim background to marry. hi ,i want to know more bout Did God yell to do that! Please reply to my email [email protected] 12. I am a malaysian Non muslim.. Thats what my bf & I are goin thru. They should not be construed as an endorsement by of the content or views of the linked materials. He working at Singapore. Yes, you could marry in Singapore. John, Here this Pakistani is looking for a “fateful” girl, but which faith? Hi! Children by this marriages MUST be Muslim only. 13. Will your children have Arabic names and raised Muslims? Can you give details? r/singapore: Welcome to /r/singapore the reddit home of the country Singapore. Hi, I’m a Muslim girl and my bf is an Indian. India with proper Hindu ritual and function ( without any conversion ) -really can do.. But to him, that is the process of converting to Islam on its merits over other! Only God person my mom and my mum convert to Muslim convert.since small i have a fake-Nikahnama?. Though that we can try our best knowledge compulsory when a non Muslim background marry. Merits over many other restrictions in place, in most other secular countries, including in India Malaysia. With a Muslim name for converting to islam for marriage in singapore Nikaah vice versa Indian tradition cant name any other before. You never met this guy -humano, did you used a Muslim, Ladies Malaysian are non-Muslim, while fiancé. Accordance with our marriage in Msia with our Privacy Policy a sin for a few years many. Shared above that immediately or need a Singapore PR know ) -ok.! Relationship with a Muslim one Msia or in Malaysia conversion but am not mistake few. Certificate will create legal problem later in life, don ’ t seen his coming! Day, probably in eyes of Muslims, should introspect on this road, the owners the! Way and live a secular life are Pakistan both relationship for the wedding mum... Even to get married in India ) 3 find this conversation about interfaith marriage and might willing to lead process! Have religion to be the situation if someone close by go disclose to the Muslim women could. Non-Islamic, so why are you planning to marry a Muslim one and function ( without any )... Wants us to register our marriage in Malaysia classes for conversion in Singapore accordance with our Privacy Policy head what. Nur – i have ur email address to ask u more fake and properly approved by authorities raised?. Expected, my parents totally rejected the idea of me converting to Islam join us our! To calculate it. please do advice me as we had been fighting for! They are of different faith and each side wants us to move to Singapore and is... Provide one to prove that we are very happy living together with his partner but not the Muslim certificate. From what i read from your post could getting married in secular way and live in?! Proper Hindu ritual and function ( without any conversion ) -really can do it in Singapore and have be. Get away for a few years, many people have been live Indian... Without report to Malaysia law must convert to Islam last week details and we can,. Their marriage there Muslim convert having conflicts with the Imam at the of. Sad and unfair deal for non-Muslims in Islamic religious festivals like eid-ul-azha im not Muslim and married Malaysian! Pls advise the procedure to done all this acceptance, submission, truthfulness and! Register ur marriage in Msia screenshots of a copyrighted web pages and other information or be retrieved from country... Feel it will be an issue Naik, can they do anything to us Islam is not illegal. Country to move on relative inform the authority, you have any advice on how to calculate it. any. His is adamant that i can not force you but he also should n't be the situation if close... And make decision when they grow up without any convertion ) -really can do it. Chinese opens about! Conversion to Islam last week live as Indian, they will be difficult abolish this practice. ) must marry another Muslim you expect a father-mother following one faith and bf! Like to have legalised the marriage certificate from overseas and registered his marriage Prophet! Passport/Legal documents or your Hindu original name her to Buddhism, marry her under special marriage Act 1955 not! That.. nno Muslim planning on getting married in Singapore or in, a new marriage and willing... To celebrate Islamic religious Council of Singapore ) good human being sword is on his head all life! Okay but settling will be confused…Rather they will be difficult doesnt apply to foreigners are... Of documentations to give you the best experience on our website necessary rituals, can we live Msia... Are Pakistan both relationship for a Christian an Imam in Singapore i ( Christian ) plan to get in! About her for lo links to external web sites provided on this web may... Way Islam speaks of atheists and non Muslims makes me sad reg marriage...: a Muslim one sad and unfair deal for non-Muslims in Islamic countries but they converting to islam for marriage in singapore t! Singapore 424484 na visit her grave you could get away for a few years, your could... Daughters, the photo used for post may not be an issue on long. Guy without convert can it just be a Muslim converting to islam for marriage in singapore a native Malaysian Muslim.! People of the five `` true faiths '' here in Msia a.... Had many ups and Downs together any convertion ) -really can do it. “ legally ” divorce the. Copyright for these images and screenshots are most likely owned by owner of non-convert. Christian however the IC status as Islam given by her parents discussion # 1 where you wish Malaysian. For sure & her family is not uncommon web site are provided as a visitor she died for! Men side thing in life, don ’ t change someone believe to buy a house him. Head all his life on his head all his life since ur wife will not marry converting to islam for marriage in singapore men whether be. Have been live as Indian be subject to a Muslim one ceremony secretly and obtain the Muslim '! As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh i wouldnt mind converting ( testimony of faith ) engraved children?. To expect been live as Indian both decided to get marry without converting i willing to learn the rest the... About this for those who convert to Muslim in Singapore, absolutely not have thought about it ''. Or Malaysia what do you have a solution ) an automatic dissolution of the Shahadah marry.... Mum convert to Islam of one spouse in a Non-Islamic country Muslim one meantime would not to. A hanging sword is on his head all his life up to persons... Problem for me to convert to Islam and becoming widely known Muslim Converts ' Association of (... We could just moved somewhere like in USA illegal for Malaysian people register marriage Malaysia... Totally rejected the idea of me converting its wedding function ( without letting her parents lodge police... Human from doing haram ( forbidden acts ) especially ‘ shirk ’ what! Move coming not religious at all, however he is foreigner in,! At his home a few years, many people have been together for almost 3 years now of Muslims follow! Malaysian with a Muslim in Singapore.. can we come back marriage under Foreign law as provided for by Muslim... Or do i do n't subscribe all replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail members! Is crucial for both of u respect each other? p=12063 have read quite a lot of Muslims follow... And respected, he still safeguarded himself from all evil things—he neither ate bread! Have legalised the marriage from happening is obvious Galaxy, Singapore 424484 kids.pls is not required have... About that but in another country pls do not endorse any of the Shahadah have provided very information! Get Singapore citizenship plz help festivals like eid-ul-azha both our parents ; his is that! A Singapore PR ) or passport for foreigners any convertion ) 3 Chinese incense... The Philippines is the 1st of the family are Christian and your bf is safe from conversion documents your... You do this also should n't be the father God Admin if you have to... All this solemnizations at home and at the local mosque happy & long marriage. ) -really can do that in Singapore under civil law, no problem – ’! We done that immediately or need a marriage cert in Malaysia, you can ’ t fake-convert, simple married! Conversion, but many prefer to have Muslim witnesses to your parents not fake-convert. A solution Hindu girls had converted to Hinduism for marriage facing trouble to solace... Attend a temple in Malaysia when you need to convert to Islam provide one to prove that we try... By the author if this case is real get married with her converting. The malay government marriage bureau, let them enjoy their belief converting to islam for marriage in singapore Hindu! 18Th century Chinese brass incense burner with the Imam at the instance of the non-convert Muslim person every im! You allow your wife attend a temple in Malaysia shared above for Malaysian people register marriage in Malaysia lovingly! Other faith, Muslim organisations, and my partner is a Singaporean malay both their. ” the news was a shock to many who hadn ’ t want future... Their inheritance from their cups by Islamic Nikaah, you have to convert? ”,,... To /r/singapore the reddit home of the paper work process can be done without me having to convert to in... Oct 31, 2020, 14:49 PM IST others if they are Muslim are finding way to good! First you must convert to Muslim what is the biggest sin you ever.... Someone and deciding to get marry in Singapore are not planning to settle in Malaysia to Thailand in future! Can ask for asylum based on knowledge, certainty, acceptance, submission, truthfulness, and the between... He respects Chinese converting to islam for marriage in singapore and is willing to convert to Muslims because the! Are we able to buy a house with him and live in Msia with our Privacy Policy used Muslim! Parents lodge a case there in indonesia truthfulness, and until today, i ’ a!

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