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Azek is quite a bit more expensive than Trex. Trex Enhance® Basics and Trex Enhance® Naturals both offer fade and stain protections, as well as enhanced mold and mildew resistance, to make maintenance simple. Plastic Trough at Trex was using recycle content for their plastic element of their product, back then it was the only composite decking, we did a lot of experimenting with finding the right fasteners, etc. TREX TRANSCEND®, TREX ENHANCE® AND TREX SELECT® CARE AND CLEANING GUIDE PROBLEM SOLUTION Dirt and Debris The affected area should be sprayed off with a hose to remove surface debris. Posted on February 17, 2015 by Ben Roberts . Transcend has railing in the matching earth tones, Transcend is also available in tropical colors.". _____ TREX COMPANY, LLC. But, since I have a trex deck now that most be cleaned anyway, does anyone know if there is really a difference? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for TREX RainEscape Deck Drainage System 16 ft. Select is good, Enhance is better, and Transcend is best. Select and Enhance have a class C fire rating and Transcend has a class B. The fan tip should be no closer than 8 inches (20.4 cm) away from the protective shell during use. I am building a roof deck (full sun) and trying to decide whether to use the less expensive Veranda Armor-guard or go for the Trex Transcend. Trex Transcend and Trex Enhance Decking Boards; 1 x 5.5”. Trex markets its good, better, best products under three brand names: Enhance, Select and Transcend. To Trex credit their product is much better than is was, now it doesn't even swell or discolor like it used too, I just wouldn't go there, TimberTech is a superior company that stands behind their product. Trex high-performance decking (Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance and Trex Select) can be power washed. Compare the most popular Trex, AZEK, Fiberon, and TimberTech composite decking brands and product lines with our comparison tool below. TimberTech came on board in the mid 90's and had some failures back then also, go check out there original Natural product. Compare Trex Flooring Dan S DecksTrex Decking Review And Cost 2020 Flooring ClarityThe Trex Blog 5 Ways Outdecks PvcTrex Vs Timbertech Decking Pros Cons Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. TimberTech vs Trex - Warranty. Trex Transcend Review. Select is good, Enhance is better, and Transcend is best. Trex Transcend is resistant to mold, mildew, fading, stains, and even scratches. Check out this guide. Trex offers three composite decking collections: Trex Select, Enhance, and Transcend. But Trex had the name and sold a lot of decking, which failed and created a big problem. The last time I used Trex was 2003, three years later that deck completely failed and we were lucky to get in for a claim in while Trex still had money. Trex Transcend Reviews To me it would be a more 'natural' color for a deck. Recommendations on kitchen backsplash w/ Tajal mahal quartzite counter. Anyway if you have an opinion either way we'd appreciate it!! The big change came in the early 2000's, TimberTech introduced color to their product. Trex Enhance is comprised of two color collections ... For 2019, Trex has refreshed the Transcend Earth Tones with a new high-definition grain pattern for enhanced aesthetics. I was initially attracted to Trex because of the green aspect. Good luck, Get the pros and cons of wood, plastic, composite and more decking materials, plus a basic price comparison, Learn about softwoods, tropical hardwoods, composites and more for decks, including pros, cons and costs, Want to increase your living space outside? Go TimberTech, you be glad you did. Combining colors in your deck design can add visual interest and enrich the overall attraction of your deck. From that time through the late 90's the composite industry had a lot of trail and error and consumers had a lot of ugly composite decks, and a lot of poor installations from contractors who just don't read directions. Trex vs Timbertech – Material & Capping Comparing the difference between Trex vs Timbertech requires an understanding of how composite decking is made. but a good product should ‘wow’! I would stick with Trex. Here is a similar combo for you using Woodland Brown with a gray house. Color – To be specified by owner from Trex’ standard list of colors. I replaced my cedar decking five years ago with Trex Transcends Havana Gold decking. It all depends on the ideas you have for your outdoor spaces. I don't know the veranda material but it sounds like they are offering an inferior product at a lower cost. Trex is generally more affordable because they use less reliable recycled materials (higher Oak Wood Flour % ) If you want top of the line look at Azek Vintage Collection or Zuri Decking by royal for PVCs. Trex enhance decking in saddle trex enhance composite decking trex vs timbertech decking pros trex decking enhance basics timbertech vs trex which is the better compare trex flooring dan s decks. Trex comes in three different varieties, Trex Transcend Composite Decking is considered the premium option. Get inspiration with these ideas for adding a deck to your yard, These improvements can enhance your deck’s look, feel and function, Get inspired for your own project or just take in the view of these recently uploaded spaces getting the love of the Houzz community, A dramatic 2-story porch becomes the centerpiece of this Ohio family’s renovated landscape, Once you’ve got the walls or fences of your garden figured out, it’s time to consider the ground surface or floors, This low-maintenance alternative to wood is made from varying amounts of recycled plastic. Price out Azek decking vs Trex for an identical project, and you’ll quickly find Trex is the cheaper option, with Azek coming in at 2 to 3 times the cost, per linear board foot, of Trex. Each of these boards is manufactured from 95% recycled material and contains plastic and wood flour. Never was a big believer … ii. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Really, the design and shapes, fasteners, colors, etc, can make it hardtop make a choice of which one suits you. Use warm soapy water and a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and debris from the embossing pattern. Trex also takes the tiered approach with their composite decking, so you have Trex Transcend, Trex Select, and Trex Enhance. Both companies use a mix of recycled wood fibers and/or recycled plastics to manufacture the core of their decking boards. Use only a fan tip and up to a 3100 psi power washer to remove dirt and debris. Trex Product Review: Two Decades Of Decking. Back then the green movement was just getting started and a lot of search and trail and error was taking place. Home Depot Kitchen Countertop Installation, Landscape Design For Cape Cod Style House. We figured we would rather use the saved $$ for something else... Did we make a mistake or will the select indeed be just fine as far as potential issues go? All three products have a protective shell on three sides that make them mold and scratch resistant and are backed by a 25 Fade and Stain Warranty. I confirmed in a web chat with Trex themselves... this was the response on the differences between the lines.. "Our products are classified as good, better, and best. What I understand the difference to be is the PVC coating on Trex Transcend covers all 4 sides, which prevents wood components in … This made a huge difference and their product became the quality standard to strive for. Select has a subtle wood grain and is 7/8" in thickness. Timber Tech is a 4 sided Capped Wood Polymer Composite, while Trex only caps the top half of the board. This core is then encased in a synthetic shell on three sides, which protects it from the elements and offers resistance to fading, scratches, or developing mould or mildew. It’s their “greenest” product as well considering it’s made from 95% recycled materials. Enhance and Select decking offer other exotic and warm tones such as Madeira and Woodland Brown. In 2004 I did my research and selected TimberTech as my decking of choice and have hundreds of thousand of feet installed with no issues. Enhance Basics offers the performance and beauty of Trex in 3 proven and popular shades – Clam Shell, Beach Dune, and Saddle – featuring realistic grain patterns. From looking sat the prices listed above, Timbertech is more expensive than Trex. The Transcend collection now has a contemporary railing option – Trex Transcend Beveled Railing. Both offer limited warranties that cover material defects, splinters and rot on all of their capped decking as well. So maybe some of the issues that others have had won't affect us as much since it'll be covered and screened in to protect from the elements? Enhance' wood grain pattern is unique and more pronounced and Transcends is highly defined, both are 1" in thickness. All three products have a protective shell on three sides that make them mold and scratch resistant and are backed by a 25 Fade and Stain Warranty. They are the best company with the best product. Always go with TimberTech. Inspirational Interior Design Ideas for all entire home, Breakfast nooks for small kitchens 30 adorable breakfast nook design ideas how i, Cost to install a countertop the home laminate countertops kitchen countertops the home, Raymour flanigan how to upholster a chair 24 best rustic dining chairs images, Landscaping around house cape cod landscaping ideas design school foundation plantings what is. My Houzz: An Architect's Contemporary Green Home. Trex decking enhance basics collection pro deck supply trex enhance 1 in x 5 ft saddle composite decking trex decking installation cost price guide deck timbertech vs trex which is the better choice trex enhance composite decks and decking materials. b. Although this Trex material is more expensive than both the Select and the Enhance products, it’s well worth the money. Either would be the woodland brown color... We chose the select version as we could not tell much of a difference between the two besides texture and thickness and was told that both would hold up just as well and it'd save us $2500. The new design has a new hand and bottom rail shape, and was designed to address regional architectural and style preferences – particularly to suit the needs of the West Coast. I can see doing this in some barns when you try to salvage wood, but on the deck is a big NO. Also would the deeper grain help with traction or not when its it's raining or frosty? The Trex company is considered the inventor of composite decking and brought its first products to the marketplace in the mid 1990s. Should You Use Composite Timber in Your Landscape? I will be frank about this, its a waste of time and money and it will look horrible. And because the boards are scalloped, they’re as lightweight as lumber—without the extra work. Trex Transcend. On this 2 Minute Decking Show Matt & Mike talk about Trex Enhance Decking for 2019. Trex decking wood products denver trex enhance composite decks and compare trex flooring dan s decks trex enhance composite decking trex enhance composite decking trex enhance decking in saddle. Trex vs Fiberon Summary Composite materials offer some serious advantages over natural wood where building a deck is concerned. Lastly, Trex Transcend is the most expensive kind of Trex. Using Composite decking it will be costly on that size deck, but you can always use alternatives, like wood, etc and when wood is sealed and finished from the get-go it will preserve its beautify for a very long time, especially now days, the technology used today to preserve wood has improved dramatically and IMO nothing beats the wood look. Established in 1996 and made public in 1999, the company is known for its quality and environmental friendliness — it is generally considered the first company to produce composite decking made with recycled material. Compatible With All Trex Railing Hover over the pics to expand Here is one with both lighter and darker brown for comparison purposes, I agree with YHI, this deck seen better days, time for replacement, it will be money wisely spent and it will increase the re-sale value, not to mention your new railings will be done to meet code compliance and they will look much better, especially with that deck design which has very nice details. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. A 25-year fade and stain warranty covers all capped composite decking offered through Trex vs Timbertech’s 30-year warranty. The fact that you can pay less for your deck during its lifetime as opposed to wooden deck construction and maintenance is attractive to a lot of homeowners. Trex’s premium decking line is called Trex Transcend. Now, that doesn’t mean that Trex isn’t a good product, because it is. I have read a lot of negative reviews of Trex. Trex is the largest manufacturer of composite decking in the U.S. What's the warranty of both? Our Decking Comparison Tool contains comparison data of the most popular decking materials available today. While owning a nearly one hundred year old home on the harsh Oregon coast, the time finally came to replace the rotted covered front porch deck and stairs. Here in Western Washington, moss is an issue. Curious about wood decking options? Trex Transcend vs Trex Enhance vs Trex Select. Trex Enhance and Trex Select are also high performance composite decking models that are backed by the company’s warranty and come in a wide variety of colors. In fact, performance today is drastically better across all three of the top composite decking brands, TimberTech vs. Trex vs. AZEK (now known as TimberTech AZEK), to the point where you really can’t make a bad choice for your deck. I have to agree with Rebecca about using the Woodland Brown option. Learn the requirements, costs and other considerations for building a deck, Layer it, bump it out, wrap it around a tree. Offering all the benefits of composite, this collection is ideal for DIYers and would-be wood deck builders with affordability that narrows the price gap between composites and wood. For those of you who like to keep it green, Trex Enhance and Transcend decks are made of 95% recycled material. Azek and Trex Deck Care. Was given the option from builder between Trex Select and Transcend. The cost of Azek. You get what you pay for. I started working with Trex back in 1994 when Trex was owned by the Mobile Oil corporation. Trex Transcends Oct 03, 2019 @ Pissed Consumer Neither of these brands use any PVC. TimberTech also used a formulation in their production that gave them quality control, something Trex didn't have, with Trex it was garbage in garbage out, and this lead to all the failures in my opinion. Consider it for decks, fences and more, An architect in Ojai, California builds his dream family home with a bedroom rock climbing wall, built-in bunkbeds and a stunning deck, Trending Now: Step Outside With These 20 Decks, See the Difference a New Back Deck Can Make, How to Pick the Right Paving and Decking Material. This is … Trex Enhance of higher quality is approximately $8 per square foot Trex Transcend, the highest grade, ranges between $9 and $9.50 per square foot Other than quality, there are other factors that can increase or decrease the overall price of your deck. It is also available in three profiles and 10 different colors, so there is truly a look and style for everyone. Trex Transcend composite decking is made from a blend of plastic and timber fibers to create a sturdy core. Regarding these two products, we were told that the deeper grain in the Transcend would be more difficult to clean moss out of. Lengths – 12, 16, and 20 feet iii. ChoiceDek vs. Trex, UltraDeck vs. Trex, TimberTech vs. Trex, etc. Cement sink with ORB faucet, what about cabinet handles? Trex Enhance is actually broken down into two collections with Natural and Basics, which feature a handful of colors each. The Enhance Basic colors include Clam Shell, Beach Dune & Saddle. Each collection has a different array of styles as you’ll get over a dozen colors to choose from between Transcend and Select. As FYI, we are building in upstate SC and it will be essentially second floor deck as we have a walk out basement. In general, Trex and TimberTech composite decking materials are more expensive than pressure treated wood.However, they require less maintenance than standard wood decking, making them cost less overtime. Trex review from Winchester, Virginia with Images: I ordered this material from a lumber yard and had a contractor build me a step/deck on my house in Oct. 2016. Original review: July 24, 2020. Learn more about the price, colors, and features of each product line so you can make the best decision to build the deck of your dreams. Trex Enhance Length: 16 feet Price per board: $47 Trex Transcend Length: 16 feet Price per board: $68 * Price estimation Now that’s tough. When choosing whether to go for Fiberon or Trex, I would look at the ‘product’ on offer first.

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