A report on the December 2020 AGM will be published here shortly.

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AHLTA AGM and Christmas Party 2019

We celebrated another great year of AHLTA with the AGM and end of year party at The Hornsby RSL on the 8th December. 

37 members and guests attended the event. We began the day with a Special General Meeting to accept badly needed changes to our Constitution, and then at the AGM, Andy Gough, our President, presented a roundup of the year, along with a Treasurer’s report from Lea, a Membership Update from Joy and an introduction from Cody Sheehan, who has a special interest in raising money!
After all positions were declared vacant, we voted in 7 new members to the new committee. This is great going forward as we will have more bodies to help organise events and reach out to our membership.

After the meeting it was party time! The room was set up with tables of 8 so we could all easily chat, and the Club had done a lovely job of decorating the tables, including some green deer…..more on those later.
A delightful two-course Christmas lunch was served, and all the tables had plenty of drinks and wine available.

We were fortunate to have been donated some terrific raffle prizes which were drawn at the end of the meal.
Many thanks to Winifred for spending the day selling the tickets to all in the room!
It was lovely to see so many family members accompanying our AHLTA members, and it was also wonderful to meet a young gentleman who came to talk to our members because his mother is on

the transplant list, and he wished to find out as much information as he could.It was a lovely day of support, friendship, fun and of course great food.

Here are some pictures of the day  and as you can see an interesting reindeer sculpture was created by one of our tables! (Maybe there was too much wine on that one!)
Our thanks to Hornsby RSL Club for allowing us to hold the event in the club, (discounting our room hire fee,) and making us feel so welcome. Their dining room is well worth a visit!

Please click on the link below to read the minutes from the AGM:

Minutes AGM 2019