St. Vincent’s HLTC news 10th August 2020

The St.Vincent’s Heart Lung Clinic team wish to make services more available for those who are either unable to visit the hospital or need to communicate with them. The links are new to the system and the co-ordinators hope as many patients as possible get this information.

Thank you for enquiring about the Heart lung Clinic Online Services – see below links

To go to the Heart Lung Clinic Website CLICK HERE

To go to Scriptline online form CLICK HERE

If you have had tests and need them reviewed or if you need blood forms sent out to you CLICK HERE for External pathology online form

To login to the Transplant Rehab Program use the following links: 

CLICK HERE for Hearts and CLICK HERE for Lungs and enter the appropriate logins and password

For heart transplant recipients:

Username: heart-user

Password: [email protected]!7

(You should be able to copy and paste the password in)

For Lung transplant recipients:

Username: lung-user

Password: !nY!Ah!V63NQ8q

(You should be able to copy and paste the password in)

If you have any further questions you can always email on [email protected] or call the Coordinators on 8382 3158