NUMBER OF ITEMS:

AHLTA House in Leichhardt St, Darlinghurst, principally for regional patients.

Heart/Lung Clinic: Our last projectwas for 2 Fresenius Treatment chairs due end May 2020.

Thanksgiving Day and refreshments in June each year, for members, carers & family except for 2020.

We publish a quarterly magazine the Biopsy Bugle  to keep members in touch.

Ensuring our history is recorded, all Biopsy Bugle copies we had, are saved in the State Library.

Christmas Get-together in December, with our AGM.

Social days together, when the Covid rules relax.

Access to our closed Facebook support page for recipients:

AHLTA Support

Access to our closedFacebook support page for carers:

AHLTA Carer Support

HLTx Clinic Admin  NON-URGENT ONLY:  [email protected]

HLTx Clinic Admin  Staff:  8382 3150

HLTx Clinic Admin  Staff Fax:  8382 2422

Financial Assistance for members, when available. Financial Application form HERE.

Membership Application Form HERE.

And not to forget, the FISH TANK !

The Aim
Having a heart or lung transplant may cause fear, anxiety, and stress. We have strived to minimise your concern in a few different ways. Therefore, watching the fish seems to bring a little bit of tranquillity to all of us while waiting to see a doctor at the clinic.

It’s All For You…
The Fish Tank  is maintained by the AHLTA. We take care of the costs involved with regular maintenance and cleaning. Even when it mysteriously ‘emptied’ itself

overnight, we made sure it was back up and running within no time.

So, please enjoy the beautiful Fish Tank while waiting to see a doctor.